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•Complex Components &       Assemblies
• Gearboxes
• Compressor Cases
• Fuel Manifolds
• Engine Frames & Cases

Alpha Q, Inc. produces components and assemblies used in a wide variety of jet engine programs. Some examples of the engine and helicopter programs that use these components include:​

T55 - Boeing CH-47 Chinook
T53 - Bell UH-1 Iroquois Huey
AGT1500 - M1AI Abrams Battle Tank
ALF502/507 AVRO (BAE) 146 RJ
TF40/50 - TM&LS LCAC
GTCP-36- Ground APU
TFE731-5 - Various Business Jets
UH 60 - Black Hawk Helicopter
S76 & S92 - Commercial Helicopter
T56 - Transport (C130)
AE 2100D2 - Transport (C130)
501 D, K - Power Generation

3D Modeling

Using powerful tools like Catia and Solidworks, Alpha Q has the ability to process from and create solid models.  This also allows us to work with many different file structures.

Quality Control

Using state of the art equipment, technology, and software, Alpha Q assures total Quality Control throughout the planning, production, and acceptance cycles.  Tools such as Vericut, PFEMA’s, SPC and others are utilized to ensure a zero-defect environment.

Large Scale Milling

Alpha Q has the capacity to machine parts up to 55” in diameter.  Many of our parts have complex shapes and pose unique holding and processing challenges.


We work with large multi-level Bills of Materials and perform significant assembly and test operations on the vast majority of our parts.  We assure accurate builds via the use of kitting and other control methods. 

Part Flushing

 Many of our dynamic components have critical passages and cavities that carry fuel, oil, or air to assure operational effectiveness.  We assure clean, FOD free components through meticulous cleaning, flushing and inspection processes.

5-Axis Milling

We utilize state of the art equipment with integrated 5-axis and flexible manufacturing systems as well as rotary table configurations to machine highly complex geometric parts with extremely tight dimensioned features.

3D Analysis

Through the use of technology including laser scanning and powerful software like Polyworks, Alpha Q can assess and analyze complex shapes, features, forgings and castings to help identify non-conformances early and help drive RCCA activity to drive our zero-defect challenge.

Precision Milling

Ultimately, this is what we do.  Our associates are highly trained and skilled at the art of machining.  Alpha Q can deliver your most challenging requirements on-time, to print, and within budget.

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